Chicago Visionaries Invest Combined $150 Million in Illinois Tech

国拍自产在线观看-国自产视频在线观看-99视频精品全部 国产Largest Cumulative Gift in University’s History Will Support Scholarships and Other Resources


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Chicago Visionaries Invest Combined $150 Million in Illinois Tech - photo of students walking on campus

Illinois Institute of Technology on Friday announced a landmark $150 million combined gift from prominent Chicago leaders to help the university drive Chicago’s continued tech rise. The combined gift will fund scholarships and new campus facilities.

国拍自产在线观看-国自产视频在线观看-99视频精品全部 国产Michael P. Galvin (LAW ’78), chairman of the Illinois Tech Board of Trustees, and his wife, Elizabeth; University Regent Craig J. Duchossois and his wife, Janet; and former board chair and University Regent John W. Rowe, and his wife, Jeanne, are among the prominent Chicago leaders who made the gift. Other contributors include the late George J. Kacek (EE '54, M.S. '55), for whom a newly renovated residential hall on the Illinois Tech campus will be renamed.   

国拍自产在线观看-国自产视频在线观看-99视频精品全部 国产It is the largest cumulative gift announcement in university history. 

“This landmark combined gift is a profound investment in our continued role as Chicago’s tech university,” says Illinois Tech President Alan W. Cramb. “This significant commitment will not only fuel Illinois Tech’s central contribution to Chicago’s tech rise, but it will do so by building on our university’s founding mission to provide unmatched opportunity and value to all young people in Chicago.”

国拍自产在线观看-国自产视频在线观看-99视频精品全部 国产The second-largest gift to Illinois Tech—$120 million in 1996—was from the families of Robert A. Pritzker (IE '46) and Robert W. Galvin, the late father of Michael P. Galvin.